Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sri Shani Astotram

  1. Om shanaishcharaaya namah 
  2. Om shantaya namah 
  3. Om sarva abheesht pradaayine namah
  4. Om sharanyaaya namah
  5. Om vagenyaya namah 
  6. Om sarveshaaya namah 
  7. Om saumyaaya namah 
  8. Om suram vandanaaya namah 
  9. Om suralok vihaarine namah 
  10. Om sukhasonapavishtaya namah 
  11. Om sundaraaya namah 
  12. Om ganaaya namah 
  13. Om gan roopaaya namah 
  14. Om gan bharanadharine namah 
  15. Om gan saravilepaaya namah 
  16. Om khadyotaaya namah 
  17. Om mandaya namah 
  18. Om mand cheshtaaya namah 
  19. Om mahaa-nirgunaatmane namah 
  20. Om martya pavan padaaya namah 
  21. Om maheshaaya namah 
  22. Om chhaayaa putraaya namah 
  23. Om sharvaya namah 
  24. Om shatatu niraadhaarine namah 
  25. Om char asthir swabhavaaya namah 
  26. Om acamcalaya namah 
  27. Om neel varnaaya namah 
  28. Om nityaaya namah 
  29. Om neelaanjan-nibhaaya namah 
  30. Om neelaambar-vibhushaaya namah 
  31. Om nishchalaaya namah 
  32. Om vedyaaya namah 
  33. Om vidhi-roopaaya namah 
  34. Om virodha-dhara- bhoomaye namah 
  35. Om bhedaspada swabhaavaaya namah 
  36. Om vajra dehaaya namah 
  37. Om vairaagyadaya namah 
  38. Om viraya namah 
  39. Om veetaroga bhayaaya namah 
  40. Om vipat param pareshaaya namah 
  41. Om vishwa-vandyaaya namah 
  42. Om gridhnavahaya namah 
  43. Om gudhaya namah 
  44. Om koormangaaya namah 
  45. Om kuroopine namah 
  46. Om kutsitaaya namah 
  47. Om gunaadhyaaya namah 
  48. Om gocharaaya namah 
  49. Om avidyaa-mool-naashaaya namah 
  50. Om vidyaa-avidyaa swaroopine namah 
  51. Om aayushya kaaranaaya namah 
  52. Om apaduddhartre namah 
  53. Om vishnu-bhaktaaya namah 
  54. Om vishine namah 
  55. Om vividhagamavedine namah 
  56. Om vidhi stutyaaya namah 
  57. Om vandyaaya namah 
  58. Om viroopaakshaaya namah 
  59. Om varishthaaya namah 
  60. Om garishthaaya namah 
  61. Om vajram kushaagraaya namah 
  62. Om varad bhaya hastaaya namah 
  63. Om vaamanaaya namah 
  64. Om jyeshth patnee sametaaya namah 
  65. Om shreshthaaya namah 
  66. Om mitabhaashine namah 
  67. Om kashtaugh naash kartre namah 
  68. Om pushtidaaya namah 
  69. Om stutyaaya namah 
  70. Om stotra-gamyaaya namah 
  71. Om bhakti-vashyaaya namah 
  72. Om bhanave namah 
  73. Om bhaanu putraaya namah 
  74. Om bhavyaaya namah 
  75. Om pavanaaya namah 
  76. Om dhanur-mandal samstaaya namah 
  77. Om dhanadaaya namah 
  78. Om dhanushmate namah 
  79. Om tanu-prakaash dehaaya namah 
  80. Om tamasaaya namah 
  81. Om ashesh jan vandyaaya namah 
  82. Om vishesh phal daayine namah 
  83. Om vasheekrit ajaneshaaya namah 
  84. Om pashunaam pataye namah 
  85. Om khecharaaya namah 
  86. Om khageshaaya namah 
  87. Om gan neelaambaraaya namah 
  88. Om kathin yam naashaaya namah 
  89. Om aarya gan stutyaaya namah 
  90. Om neel chhatraaya namah 
  91. Om nityaaya namah 
  92. Om nirgunaaya namah 
  93. Om gunaatmane namah 
  94. Om niramayaya namah 
  95. Om nandyaaya namah 
  96. Om vandaneeyaaya namah 
  97. Om dhiraaya namah 
  98. Om divya dehaaya namah 
  99. Om deenarti haranaaya namah 
  100. Om dainya naash kaaraaya namah 
  101. Om aaryajan ganyaaya namah 
  102. Om krooraaya namah 
  103. Om kroor cheshtaaya namah 
  104. Om kaam krodh kaaraaya namah 
  105. Om kalatra putra shatrut vakaranaya pariposhit bhaktaaya namah 
  106. Om parabhitiharaaya namah
  107. Om bhakt sangha manobhisht phal daaya namah 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcome to the web temple of Sri Shani Dev Maharaj!

It had been a while since I had to make this small and humble page for Sri Shani but for some reason or other it had kept procrastinating.

Thanks to the divine blessing that it could see the twilight today. Whilst Shani is being considered the most cruel task master and He is, for sure, the underlying importance of this cruelty is the one which we ought to understand.

Thanks to Mahima Shani Dev Ki of NDTV Imagine and Sagar Arts Productions for this inspirational pages being created and dispelling the myth about Shanidev.

Om Sham Shanaishwaraya Namaha!